Art Not Just For Art’s Sake

available art

You, as a modest but good reader who also just happens to be a lover of art could rightfully claim that at least some of those who continue to proclaim the mantra of ‘art for art’s sake’ are being a little over-exuberant in their pretentiousness. Perhaps you are one of those who have felt the impact. It could be argued that high art, or fine art, has not always been available to all and sundry. But if categories continue to be broken down at radical rates, available art can be made. It can reach thousands more who never could see the light of day as far as art is concerned.

Perhaps you have felt that pinch and pang. Still to this day, most people out there will simply say that they just cannot afford to purchase fine art. Bear in mind too that the fine artist also struggles. This is not a stereotypical scenario; it is a reality. Just think, the artist spends quite a fortune on his materials alone. And ironically, when it comes to pricing his work, the artist is no bookkeeper or businessman in this sense. But it does make business sense to inflate the price if you will. It could become a capital expense.

But the highly productive artist could do a little commissioning of his own. He could enroll the services of an art evaluator, fully qualified and experienced in the world of fine art. And the fine artist does need to learn to adapt towards commercialization and mass production. So perhaps while he is working on a masterpiece over a number of months, he could produce ‘smaller’ works sold at prices that you can afford and help tide things over for him. And if you still cannot afford the art, there is always the gallery.