Authentic Gifts You Could Not Find Anywhere Else

This may be a Scandinavian argument. Who is Scandinavia’s greatest? Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg or five times Wimbledon champion, Bjorn Borg. But then you would sniff at this because how many times has Pete Sampras conquered Wimbledon. And while you place your online order for a parcel of scandinavian gifts which may just include a classic original, Borg’s wooden Diadora racket, the Swiss are laughing too. Why is this? Because unless you have forgotten, no other player has won tennis’s greatest slam more times than Roger Federer.

But who cares, right? What’s more interesting? Fuzzy hard rubber balls or the world’s most delicious chocolate, so creamy and delicate, you let it melt just so on the tip of your tongue. And when the chocolate has melted down your gullet, you get to have a brief nibble on the hazel nut crumbs left behind. What could be healthier and more decadent than that? Strawberries and cream? The folks heading off to Wimbledon and getting a cup of that. And do not forget the champagne. It can only be French.

scandinavian gifts

This would make a perfect online gift order. What could be more authentic than that? And it might just turn out cheaper at that. You like fish? Me too. So say other readers. But nowhere can you find it. Nowhere better is the Norwegian salmon. Best way to get it is to order it online. And who says Swiss chocolate is the best, because have you tried out the Scandinavian alternatives, not forgetting the biscuits and cakes. Danish Copenhagens are still being shipped over fresh to exclusive bakeries all across the world, even in French coffee shops.

And staying with fish, don’t forget your smoked mackerel. And move across the Finnish lakes and you can even place an order for ludicrously expensive caviar.